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The Gym Birmingham City Centre

79-84 High St, Birmingham B4 7TE, UK – 0844 811 3522

UPDATE July 2018: Since my review in July 2018, I have found The Gym no longer meets my needs and that the small things that didn't bother me when I first joined have now persuaded me to look at other gyms in the city. For all my criticisms, there really are some excellent trainers there (Adrian, Dan, Marco in particular) and the value is fair. My criticisms are as follows: - The quality of the trainers is now *really* varied. Some are great and run fantastic classes, others significantly less so. - There was a period in which trainers didn't turn up and classes frequently started late and either finished early or ran late - The class timetable seems to be up in a constant state of flux which means that those of us who prefer classes can't establish a routine - Recent timetable changes don't seem to account for the fact that some of us choose the gym because it's near our workplaces but are reliant on public transport to get into the city in the first place - The changing rooms, while not unhygienic, could use a bit of TLC (issues with broken lockers etc) I imagine this remains a good gym if classes aren't your thing but to me it feels that many of the instructors simply don't like delivering classes and therefore the effort is not made to deliver good ones. Which is fine but maybe don't offer them then or give staff more of an incentive to deliver good classes. ======= December 2017: I've been a member of two "The Gym"s and this is by far the better one. Excellent selection of classes for the price you pay.

It''s rather busy, very few people around to help - I am not a gym person but had no idea how to use most of the equipment. They offered free PT sessions so I would have been fine if I could get one of them but they only bring out availability for that week and the evening times book fast so could never get a time after work.

The Gym Birmingham Bordesley Green

Trident Retail Park, Westley Street, Birmingham B9 4EH, UK – 0330 055 3798

Its clean also most important Its 24/7 now which work around you whether you doing day or night shift. No excuse. Brilliant

Very good gym with loads of space, does have busy peak hours but caters for everyone. Also has a ladies area if women want to train alone.

The Gym Broadway Birmingham

Broadway, Ladywood Middleway, Birmingham B16 8HA, UK – 0330 056 3724

Quite small and due to size and limited equipment it can feel very busy at times. Kettlebells again not proper ones - just bought from some gym equipment supplier, to match the dumbbells. They feel very cheap and are huge. TRX in a suboptimal position against a wall, in front of racks of dumbbells and over stretching mats. However, beats the city centre branch on cleanliness (by far! It's SO much cleaner), security (although it's on Broad St so weekend mornings can feel a bit edgy) and music volume (can hear it but not deafened by it - thank you to whoever turns it down at night so that early mornings are pleasant and not the torture of the city centre).

One gym I can honestly say isn't pretentious or sales motivated. The staff are friendly and helpful and generally always near if you need them. One thing I can highly commended them for is the cleanliness... The changing rooms don't even have that 'boys changing room smell' to them and they're frequently cleaned. The gym itself is also very clean, it's quite funny seeing big muscly PT's proudly donning feather duster keeping areas dust free! Top notch, easy to use, equipment with a good selection to choose from. The classes are good too, and start from early which is ideal for a workout before heading to work. If there was a steam room it would be even better, but that's not something of a need, more of a want. Overall, very good gym with brilliant facilities, a nice atmosphere and great staff.