Handsworth Heritage and Tours
The history of Handsworth and Lozells lies at the heart of Birmingham’s industrial success. The famous Soho Manufactory drove much of the past prosperity of the area and provided work for many. As Birmingham’s industrial success strengthened and grew Handsworth and Lozells were intimately bound up with that development. 

In more recent years the area has been characterised by large-scale immigration. From the Irish and Caribbean communities through to South Asian, Vietnamese, African and more recent accession European States arriving and making these neighbourhoods their home. But economic re-structuring brought hardship and there is a recent troubled history of riots and civil disturbances with serious undertones of racial disharmony. For young people the emerging ‘postcode’ mentality leads to similarly troubling divisions.
The tour will show sites that are of historical importance in the area.  We hope you will come and see the postive influence citizens from Handsworth have made worldwide.
The Links of Aston Villa and the Black Majority Church