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Covid inquiry first preliminary hearing begins

The inquiry's first module looks at pandemic preparedness, as campaigners say lessons must be learned.

Edenfield Centre: Care watchdog praised bosses at abuse hospital

Inspectors also endorsed staff "values" at a time when the BBC was filming patients being mistreated.

Nobel Prize goes to Svante Paabo for Neanderthal work

Sweden's Svante Paabo wins the prize for discoveries on humanity's extinct relatives.

Abortion: Western Trust sorry for further delay to early medical service

The Western Trust says it is now working towards restarting its early medical abortion clinic this month.

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Very good general health website from the NHS information about illnesses, diseases, finding your BMI, growing old gracefully, care of the elderly, over 50s health, children's health, mens' health, women's health, addictions and much more. Really important stuff. Give it a browse and you might live longer!
British Medical Acupuncture Society. Contains information about meetings and advice for patients and health professionals plus search facility to find acupuncturists in B19 or anywhere in the UK


Dr Hua Shen Acupuncture

2 Highfield Rd, Birmingham B15 3ED, UK – 07846 573656

After many weeks of waking up with back pain, I have now woke up without any discomfort thanks to Dr.Shen. It took me just 1 session to get back to a happy life. I recommend Dr.Shen to everybody who suffer with back pain or other painful conditions.

Tried Hua for acupuncture for my second IVF attempt. Both my husband and I strongly believe this acupuncture played a big part in my IVF being a success. Thank you Hua, will see you again when I start planning for next baby.

City Acupuncture

18 Lower Temple St, Birmingham B2 4JD, UK – 07798 622788

I first tried acupuncture many years ago and it helped me with a cold but when I had a serious stomach condition I didn't think about acupuncture until I went to Mark. He sorted me out in no time at all and everything is fine now. He is very professional and really puts you at ease. I am a little wary of the whole chi thing but Mark is not at all 'away with the fairies', he's down to earth and very knowledgeable. He knows his anatomy and physiology as well as his Chinese Medicine meridians, I really enjoy the explanations he gives as to why a point is useful for such or such condition. And it's true you do come out of the sessions beautifully relaxed and revitalised. He's fully trustworthy and I highly recommend him. A++++

City Spring Acupuncture Clinic

146 Hagley Rd, Birmingham B16 9NX, UK – 07791 585449

I have had several accupuncture appointments with Jon now and have always felt deeply relaxed and in very safe and trusting hands during the session and afterwards usually feel very peaceful. I would highly reccommend having consecutive weekly appointments for consistency as when I have had consistent weekly appointments this is where I have observed a progressive rebalancing in my mind and body

I have received accupuncture from Jon for many years. He has a wonderful gentle energy and does wonders. This year I booked in my daughter for some treatment, she is a teenager and I initially thought she would refuse to go after the first session, however she came back glowing and now says that she loves the sessions with Jon and cant wait for the next one. Uniquely Jon's treatments work on many levels and he is worth every single penny.

Complementary Healthare Information Service UK with information about all sorts of alternative therapies from Acupuncture to Bowen technique to Reiki and Yoga.  Search for alternative health practitioners in West Midlands.

Alternative Medicine

World Of Homeopathy

115, Zellig, The Custard Factory, Birmingham B9 4AT, UK – 0121 296 5268

I recommend World of Homeopathy to everyone. Fiona's help, guidance and support has been amazing. The food intolerance reports are eye opening and have helped my family and I make the right changes for us. These, along with the consultations, have ensured we are on the right path to a supporting our bodies and minds. Would highly recommend World of Homeopathy.

I cannot recommend the food intolerance tests that World of Homeopathy offer enough! The service was so easy to use and the team (Bernie and Fiona) were so helpful and really went beyond my expectations. I not only found out about food intolerances but the test also includes vitamin and mineral deficiencies which are so important to be aware of. The advice of both Bernie and Fiona in the report I received was also excellent. After reading my report my family and friends are now having food intolerance tests done, including all of the young children, which is great to see! Many thanks again to Bernie and Fiona

Dr Ashok's Ayurvedic Clinic Birmingham

214 Hagley Rd, Birmingham B16 9PH, UK – 0121 455 9494

I am glad to share my experience at Dr. Ashok's clinic. I visited them to help myself from chronic heart burn and other gut related problems. I am having these complications on and off for five years now which lead me to further ailments. I was so desperate to go back to the good old days where I used to be a normal healthy person who can digest any food and get along with life so easily. I found them in search for a complete cure. The staff and the doctors here are warm and caring. They focus on both your physical and emotional well being. They understand and explain clearly what's the problem and suggests you some ways how you can manage it with simple lifestyle changes. They lend ears to all your problems with a lot of patience and my consultation with Dr. Poonam was more like a friendly chat. Their ayurvedic medicines give a lot of hope rather than the fear of side effects and also their holistic approach to the problems helps not only to treat the symptoms, but also to get rid of the actual underlying disease. I am on treatment now, and I can feel a lot of good changes in my body already and i am sure I'll be completely normal following all the advices and the medicines. Medicines are for few weeks or months depending on your condition. Hoping to get fully cured sooner with lots of positivity. My heartfelt thanks to them :)

First of all, I must say thanks to Dr. Ashok and Dr. Poonam for their valuable time. During the consultations I was so comfortable and felt like that I was talking with a trusted family. I already feel so better with my complex gut problems. I always thought that Ayurvedic medicine generally takes ages to work, but I am glad to be proved wrong with no side effects and improved health. You covered every aspect of care which I needed to take. Moreover, I love your holistic approach towards patient care. Thank you.

Birmingham Chinese Medicine Clinic

205F, the Big Peg, 120 Vyse Street, Birmingham B18 6JS, UK – 0121 293 8587

Amazing service. Able to fit me in on less than a days notice. The practitioner was extremely knowledgeable and was able to explain my problem much better than any GP I had been to. He took the time for the necessary treatments to be completed and explained why he was performing each treatment. I Felt amazing afterwards, the pain I was experiencing had completely gone and I felt my muscles and joints were much more mobile! First time trying Chinese medicine methods and it won't be the last!

The only thing to solve my back pain! I've been going for a few months now, religiously. The acupuncture really works to relieve my back pain, I also receive cupping and massages in the same session if required. Kevin is great at identifying the issues within my body and figuring out how to best treat them. I always feel like I leave a different person to when I arrived! Can highly recommend!

Useful NHS site with information for every type of carer. It provides details of the services or benefits affecting carers, carers' workers and voluntary organisations and others. Find out if you will have to pay for your own long term care, research money and financial implications, the wellbeing of all carers, the needs of young carers. Search for carer services such as dementia care and respite breaks around Birmingham or anywhere in the UK with the search facility.
This is a good NHS site for finding doctors, dentists, clinics, hospitals and urgent care in B19 or anywhere in England. It also lists Dentists accepting NHS patients!

BBC Healthy Lifestyle Website - the importance of exercise, exercise for children, diet and finess plans.
This is the NHS website with information about all sorts of mental health issues including depression, breakdowns, phobias, self-harm, over-eating and more.
Search for mental health services in B19 or anywhere in England.
Health A to Z, conditions and illnesses, symptom checker. Online discussions and communities, news and topical articles.
NHS site for England and Wales. Health A to Z of conditions and illnesses. Information about the NHS and its services and management. Search for NHS services in B19 and Birmingham.
Health companion for travellers - offers customized medical kits and advice on medication. Check the tablet and vaccination requirements and tips.
The NHS website with advice for healthy travelling - inoculations required for travel, inflight health. Lots of stuff that you did not Know you did not Know - some of it really important!
Useful travel health website from NHS with travel advice and search facility to find where to get a yellow fever innoculation around Birmingham.
For many conditions and symptoms such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS, Emotional recovery after breast cancer, redundancy, confidence & self esteem, anxiety and many more. Many on offer. Professional, caring and thoughtful company.