Farmers markets for Birmingham. There are lots on this site now. It is really worth a browse. Currently it is quite slow finding the markets so wait a few seconds for the list of markets to appear.

Local Food and Drink


56 Lozells Rd, Birmingham B19 2TJ, UK – 0121 551 0904

Caribbean restaurant for sit down and take away meals. Never sat down to eat there so can't really rate it as a sit-down restaurant. Seems pretty basic. I tend to take my food home. Mainly Caribbean food, but fries and chicken also available.

The food is top notch and I go there regularly for lunch....value for money...

Samis Wholesale Cash & Carry

82, 89 Cecil Street, Birmingham B19 3SU, UK – 0121 359 2779

Amazing range of quality foods. Fresh frozen and dried. The suya is beautiful too. Staff are friendly and very helpful .

Being in B'ham for over 2years now ì didn't realize ì missed such good place to shop until bout a week ago that a friend brought me in and ì was like WoW man ì finally found Africa in UK. +"We even made two new friends shopping in there!" ...we won't stop shopping at Sami's fr!

Casper Stores Ltd Polish Food Specialist

89 Allison St, Birmingham B5 5TH, UK – 0121 634 3309

Great selection of foods, fresh & packaged. Fresh breads & amazing cakes.

Lovely staff. Good selection of food and Polish beers.

BigBarn has a totally brilliant map for West Midlands showing all the local food producers. So if you want to know where your food comes from look no further!
The Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee Company was established 26 years ago when the Smith family returned from India, where for two generations we had been involved with tea. The website contains information about all the different teas and coffees supplied together with regular updates on new additions to the range.
Coffee, tea, chocolates and pretty china and good gift ideas.
Wine and other drinks from Tesco online