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Tax advice and forms. Info re. income, corporation, capital gains and inheritance taxes.
Inland Revenue's Internet service for self assessment. In common with most Government sites it looks as though it was designed by an undertaker. However, once we had gone through the long winded verification process, we did manage to pay our personal tax in minutes without the site crashing which was great.

Sadly the site is still a work in progress if you have a partnership or a trust. Incredibly these organisational forms still require third party software to enter their accounts. Remarkably HMRC seem quite happy with this situation!
Personal and business tax advice, link to Inland Rev, calculators, Q&A, tax news, saving tax.
Warstone Lane Post Office

119 Vyse St, Birmingham B18 6JS, UK – 0345 722 3344

Its in under new management. The new staff is very very friendly and they take care more then expectations. They opened new fantastic shop in that.

Slow if you go at the end of the day otherwise fine. They tend to push expensive services so ask about cheaper alternatives.

Post Office Ltd

121 Villa Rd, Birmingham B19 1NH, UK – 0845 722 3344

This is the only post office in the area that never overcharge. Honest and efficient in their work.Good customer service.

Employment Tribunals

13th Floor, Centre City Tower, 7 Hill St, Birmingham B5 4UU, UK – 0121 600 7780

Helpful people. And to top it off I won 👍