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89-90 Bull Street, 26, Birmingham B4 7AA, UK – 0845 345 1664

I come here to buy and sell my spare hardware and games - it's awesome

Great place to buy used electronics / entertainment. They have a vast range of kit, great to window shop. The staff are really helpful & will take the time to answer your questions even when busy. Nice to see a tech shop employing people who know about what they're selling.


39, One Stop Shopping Centre, Walsall Rd, Birmingham B42 1AA, UK – 0845 345 1664

I have purchased many items for myself and children from CEX over the years. Fantastic Service and products. If I have a problem with an item, it as always been sorted out to my satisfaction. Thanks CEX..... :-)

Fantastic shop sells thing for even prices and there's good service they don't be rude or mean

hmv Birmingham

msu2a, Bullring Shopping Centre Bullring, Birmingham B5 4BE, UK – 0843 221 0121

Amazing customer service! The staff are always so friendly & very helpful. Everyone always looks busy and the shop is always so tidy.

Decent merchandise bit, loads a dvds, pretty much your run-of-the-mill HMV

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