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Cycle Hire

On Your Bike

33-40 Bradford St, Birmingham B5 6HX, UK – 0121 666 6933

Just wanted to say a big thanks to the staff at the Birmigham store for all the excellent customer service and support since buying my first of many bikes. Always knowledgable and helpful when I've needed servicing or advice. I've been going back to this store on a regular basis since 2009 and am always happy with the high level of customer service.

Despite living some 30 odd miles away, OYB is still my 'local bike shop'. If i lived 50 miles away, i'd still bring it here. I've been a customer for nearly 10 years now and have so much faith in the knowledge and expertise of the staff there. Every time i drop a bike in for some maintenance i learn something new, and they go above and beyond the 'norm' to get me parts that other bike shops would consider too 'laborious' to order in. I feel totally valued, and as someone who works and plays on bikes, i totally trust and value their support and advice (and believe me, i ask them for a LOT of advice).

Cycle Republic

37 Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 2BS, UK – 0121 236 9385

Having used their very helpful maintenance team for a couple of issues (it's close to work so I can drop my bike off on the way and collect at the end of the day - so easy!) we got chatting about a new bike. As a relative beginner, all staff were encouraging and keen to help with advice on cycle size and riding position. When I had chosen, Tony was particularly good at talking me through the basics when selecting pedals, cleats and shoes. A few weeks later, having lost a cleat screw on a long ride, he even dismantled his own cleats to provide a screw and washer instead of me forking out for a brand new set!! Now that's what I call customer service!!!

Twice I have been into the Birmingham Cycle republic store and they have been extremely helpful both times. This morning in particular I had a puncture which I repaired on my way into work. Cycle Republic is the only city centre bike shop to be open before 10am and I headed in there to buy a new inner tube and they kindly also allowed me to use their track pump to push up the tyre pressures after the puncture. It is really handy that they are open before the other stores as it means I can deal with things earlier rather than have to leave work at 10 in the morning to sort things out. Excellent service.

Smoothie Bike Hire

Sport 4 Life UK, Suite 2B, Morcom House, Ledsam Street, Ladywood, Birmingham B16 8DN, UK – 0121 456 1818