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Service Stations

Local and Discount Filling Stations and Service Areas for fuel, car washes, air and water in B19

Filling Stations

Murco Petroleum Ltd

Parkside Service Station, Icknield Port Road, Birmingham B16 0BJ, UK – 0121 454 2070

24 hour petrol station. Drive thru car wash before 10 pm. Sells snacks and is also an off licence for alcohol.

Great petrol station

Birmingham Autogas & LPG Services

13 Cuckoo Rd, Birmingham B7 5SY, UK – 0121 326 7171


Great job, been living with a problem for 12 months on my LPG Jeep, guys fixed it in 35 mins and a great price too.


9 Holyhead Rd, Birmingham B21 0LA, UK – 0121 554 0456

Its a petrol station

24 hour filling stations


Bath Row, Birmingham B15 1LS, UK – 0121 643 2348

Decent priced fuel and a friendly service.

Not a busy place. They have a tasty pastry

Tesco Superstore

Camden St, Birmingham, Hockley B18 7BH, UK – 0345 026 9623

Great staff (mostly) really nice bunch of people. Good selection. Excellent opening hours.

I give it 3 stars because that's all it deserves. Sick to death of complaining over the smallest of things. I walk in there having to find a basket as there is barely any where they should be which is by the entrance. I went there today and the freezer aisle is all over the place. You go to the frozen pizza section for example and the pizzas are opposite where they should be. Bought an out of date carton of OJ and when I called the store to bring it to their attention the phone was put down on me. I'll probs' over look that one as the battery may have died on the hand held phone. Went to customer service to comment and the lady on there looked like she didn't want to be there. I'm tempted to make the extra journey to go up the road to asda even though tesco is on my door step. Sort it tesco. Sick of it.

Harvest Energy Petrol Station

367 Dudley Rd, Birmingham B18 4HB, UK – 0121 455 7581

Love it .... my daily stop ... plus I love the fresh sandwich they sell

It's ok