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Kennels and Catteries. Some take in strays so if you are looking for a rescue animal give them a call.

Carter's Pet Services

26 Summerfield Cres, Birmingham B16 0ER, UK – 07919 038261

Joleen is brilliant with our small dog. She has been so helpful and Agnes adores her! I'd recommend her to anyone.

Joleen has given some great advice on how to feed and care for my cats. Jo's knowledge of pet care and correct training and nutrition has been very helpful.

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PDSA Pet Hospital

Pet Aid Hospital, 1 Dulverton Rd, Birmingham B6 7EQ, UK – 0121 328 1716

All of the vets that work here are EXCELLENT! They're very kind and informative and look after your pets problem 100% as for the blond receptionist and one of the dispensary staff on every visit they are always very rude and ignorant and also very abrupt when you ask them simple questions they act like you shouldn't be there at all. So all in all great vets but beware of blond receptionist in particular!!!

1st time today really helpful and friendly