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Nursery and Preschools

Edgbaston Kindergarten

415 Gillott Rd, Birmingham B16 9LL, UK – 0121 455 0883

Really wonderful setting. I knew when I first visited to inspect the place and all the older children rushed out of their room to see who I was and ask me questions about my baby that it was right for us. Then I saw a kindergartener be tasked with independently taking an item to another member of staff in a different room, and I was even more sure. The staff here really get to know your kid and how they tick, and they thrive as a result. It's the Montessori way. There's rarely any crying, the kids are always happy and appropriately challenged. Both my kids started at 12 months and left aged 4, picked up their alphabet and numbers quickly and generally loved their time here. It really felt like an extension of the family. They were very supportive of my parenting choices - baby signing, breastfeeding, washable nappies and daytime naps even for 4yr olds, and the kids were happy and secure as a result. My kids still ask to go back to visit, a year later!

The Old Fire Station Children's Nursery

69 Albion St, Birmingham B1 3EA, UK – 0121 603 0003

Great place amazing facilities

Bloomsbury Nursery School & Childrens Centre

Bloomsbury St, Birmingham B7 5BX, UK – 0121 464 2034

lovely environment for children from a few months to pre school. support given to parents like attending there. x

Amazing / Perfect Nursery for children ! I loved it here it was amazing

Primary and Secondary Schools

Holte Secondary School

Wheeler St, Birmingham B19 2EP, UK – 0121 566 4370

Brilliant school to go to with very supportive, helpful teachers; without them, I would not be where I am today. I would highly recommend this school to all parents and guardians.

It's safe for your child to be there and academically they deliver 80% of the time during lessons. however when it comes to events or your child's social interaction at school its quite banal (unless your Asian). - If your black don't attend you'll be super bored. - If you want to attend sixform then you're in luck the teachers are great & will give you major help. --------------------------overall its a SOCIALDEADZONE if you attend this school/sixform---------------------

Nishkam High School

Great King St N, Birmingham B19 2LF, UK – 0121 348 7660

Currently studying at sixthform and I love it !

Stockland Green School

Slade Rd, Birmingham B23 7JH, UK – 0121 566 4300

I loved this school because inside of this school their are students who have respect for their own peers and teachers

This school is so beautiful and I don't want to leave this school 🏩🏩

Public & Preparatory Schools

Norfolk House School Ltd

4 Norfolk Rd, Birmingham B15 3PS, UK – 0121 454 7021

i was from 2012 - 2016. started in yr 3 the teachers are sooooo nice. i hav learnt sooo much from here best school ever

Salafi Independent School

472 Coventry Rd, Birmingham B10 0UG, UK – 0121 772 4567

AlhamduliLlah, very good, very friendly brother . ☝🏼️

Brilliant school, Allahumma barik, can't fault it. moved here especially for my sons to come here and we love it here.

Handsworth Wood Girls' Academy

Church Ln, Handsworth, Birmingham B20 2HL, UK – 0121 554 8122

Challenging but some were excellent students.