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Hockley Medical Practice

60 Carver St, Birmingham B1 3AL, UK – 0121 554 1757

Cannot agree with this comments. Me and my husband join this GP 4 months ago, we never had any problems. Sometimes I need emergency appointment, I call reception at 8 am and I'm coming to see doctor few hours later. Receptionists are very busy, but they not rude at all. Always try to help you.

I don't recognise the negative descriptions of the receptionists. They have always been efficient, friendly and helpful towards me. I have had to have a number of appointments and I've never had to wait long past my appointment time and I've had great care from all concerned.

Halcyon Medical

67 - 69 High St, Birmingham B4 7TA, UK – 0121 411 0363

I find that the surgery is much quieter during the university holidays than during term time. That said, I have always found the reception staff extremely friendly and helpful. I think the medical staff are extremely good and always listen and are very good at taking the time to explain test results and, if you need to be referred to hospital, why you need referred and what the potential outcomes might be. I think it is entirely unfair to criticise the staff because the surgery is busy - I think they do a fantastic job of balancing costs and staffing, with the patient experience in an extremely busy surgery where a large number of the patients have poor to no English. An example I overheard in the waiting room - the reception staff at the last minute changed a patient's doctor because they realised she had very little English as she was from Iran and they switched her to a doctor who could talk to her in Farsi.

Newtown Health Centre

171 Melbourne Ave, Birmingham B19 2JA, UK – 0121 411 0349

I've been with this surgery since day one n I've not had any major issues ok they ain't perfect sometimes getting my script un signed but then I Hav to go all the way back to solve it , all the staff that Hav been there from time r more than helpful,its not their fault wen its busy they only human n get stressed like us , I've learnt as long as u b nice with them they do go out of their way to help.but they can improve on the telephone waiting times😁😁😁

NHS Direct is now NHS 24. Just dial 111 to speak to a professional or click the link below for there self help website. Lots of really useful info but keep clear of heart surgery! If in doubt ask your GP or call 111. Good luck.