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TSB Bank

22a Great Hampton St, Birmingham B18 6AH, UK – 0121 307 9986

Unlike the nightmarish branch on New Street, this branchmake the process of banking so much more relaxing, probably because it's located in Jewelry Quarter and have very friendly staffs. Ash, the manager came over to help setting up a joint account and he made the whole experience so much less stressful. Would definitely recommend banking at this particular branch.

Very very friendly and professional staffs and this branch really do care for their customers. I recommend others to do banking with TSB bank as they provide excellent services and promotional offers to their customers.

TSB Bank

293 Birchfield Rd, Birmingham B20 3BX, UK – 0121 307 9994

Really lovely service..... Very helpful, caring staff always go the extra mile. Lovely clean bank.

Good customer service here

Barclays Bank

15 Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 2BH, UK – 0345 734 5345

After a 3 month struggle I finally managed to open my first bank account since moving to the UK. After my initial appointment at another branch my Tenancy Agreement was rejected as insufficient proof of address and I was given advise for 3 other documents I could use that should allow me to open a bank account. In February I had an appointment at this branch with Mr. Sam Allen-Ralph and I presented him with 2 of the 3 options I was advised to bring: a letter from the city council confirming my registration to vote; and a bank statement from my bank in The Netherlands with my UK address on it. The third option I was advised was a provisional driver's license which I am not able to apply for at the moment. Mr. Allen-Ralph rejected my documents on the grounds that the letter from the city council is not sufficient and I need an actual election poll (which happens once in 4 years) and the letter from my Dutch bank had my address printed on a different page than the actual bank statement. I was denied a bank account that day. A week or two later, upon advise from friends I went back to the same office to ask for further explanation. A young assistant helped me and after I explained my story she took my papers and went to the back to ask her colleagues whether these would be accepted. She came back and informed me that her colleague had stated that my documents are sufficient proof of address and that I am eligible to open a bank account with them. Coincidentally it turned out that the colleague she had spoken to in the back was no other than Mr. Sam Allen-Ralph, the one who rejected my documents last time and sent me away. When he came out to the front and she asked him about the situation, he claimed not to remember me and that he believes my provided documents should be sufficient for me to be able to open a bank account. He didn't even look me in the eye when he said it. I was booked an appointment in 2 weeks with Mrs. Sarah Wallis who was written a note, explaining my situation and informing her that my documents have been approved for me to open a bank account. Eventually, after 3 months of struggles in March I finally had a bank account. And I had a very lovely chat with Mrs. Sarah Wallis to top it all off about life and other things. This experience has been very frustrating and it certainly didn't make my start of a new life in the UK any easier. Thank you, Barclays. Thank you, Mr. Allen-Ralph.

Best bank you can have

Building Societies

the West Brom - West Bromwich Building Society

170-174 Soho Rd, Birmingham B21 9LP, UK – 0345 241 7326

I visit this branch every other day,the staff are well informed and quick to mention any beneficial changes.


357 Coventry Rd, Birmingham B10 0SN, UK – 0800 554 0515

Excellent services. Only downside is traffic and parking.

I opened an account and the customer service was amazing and the staff were helpful

Leeds Building Society

33-35 Corporation St, Birmingham B2 4LS, UK – 0121 643 6722