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School  holidays

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Activities you can do with the kids if you can’t find a playscheme

Activities you can do with the kids if you can’t find a playscheme


Nature walks

Pack some food, pad and pens and take your brood on a big expedition to the local park/nature reserve. Children will love the excitement of planning routes, drawing any birds and animals they see and finding a quiet spot for lunch. You could also set them tasks or create a list of likely sights you'll see so they can tick them off as you come across them. You can find local walks here.


Local library

Books are great time fillers and are integral to helping children to learn about themselves and the world around them. The library is a great place to show them new books and encourage them to explore the shelves for new characters, stories and topics. Most libraries also offer a story time, a great source of entertainment for young children and a good opportunity to meet other kids in the area.  Your local libraries can be found here.


Many cities have free galleries open to the public. Depending on your child's age, they pose a perfect opportunity to teach them about art, photography and the whole notion of creativity. There are often kids classes and talks designed for children so it's worth checking your local museums page,  local events or signing up for the galleries newsletter to ensure you know of any up-coming events.


Kids love a good session in the park - it's a perfect way for them to socialise with other kids, let off steam and get a healthy dose of exercise. You could arrange to meet friends, or just nip out for a quick half an hour before dinner time. If you need to drive to get to your nearest park, why not make an afternoon of it with ball games, something to eat and a camera to snap all those memorable moments. Find your local parks.  

Country walks

Little explorers love the country and there's usually plenty to see and do for all. You could make up imaginative games as you go along or tell mystical stories of fairies, knights on horses. If the weather isn't great, don't let it put you off. Raincoats, wellies and good wet weather gear will keep you suitably dry and in a child's eyes, will probably add to the entertainment! There are plenty of ideas for places to go on walks on our outdoor play pages.

Bike riding

You don't need to go far to enjoy a good bike ride, a trip round the block, to a friends house or the local park is perfectly fine or you could drive to the nearest bike trail equipped with a picnic and make a morning/afternoon of it. Find useful family cycling tips.

Fly a kite

Kite flying is a traditional past-time that provides entertainment and enjoyment for all the family (not to mention a thorough workout). Pick a windy day and head to the hills/local park/common for a kite flying session to remember. You could take a flask of warm hot chocolate as a treat and time the children to see how long they can keep the kite in the air for.


Grab a bat, ball and a group of 6+ people and head off to the park for an afternoon of rounders. You can use t-shirts or bags for the bases and you could get the kids to spend a creative morning making a pretend trophy out of old cardboard and paper. Super-fun and healthy for all. Find details of this and other outdoor games.

Watching the local bowling/tennis/cricket or football

There's plenty to see at your local park and if there's a game of tennis, bowling or football taking place - even better. You can pick a small discreet spot near the pitch and ask your child to tell you which person they think is going to win the game and why. It's interesting and inspiring for kids to watch sport and you could take a ball or some racquets and play your own game once you've finished spectating. Find your local parks.  

Visit to nanny and grandad's house

If you're lucky enough to have parents living close by, why not take a bike ride, walk or bus journey to visit them? It's a great way to spend a morning or afternoon and you could bake some cookies or ask your child to draw a picture to take as a gift.

Blackberry picking

Give each child a container and go on a blackberry picking mission! Children will love to see how many they can collect and you can use the blackberries to make a delicious pie for dinner. It's a great way to enjoyseasonal food and it doesn't cost a penny.

Sensory walks

Choose local walks with plenty of delightful sights, smells and objects to touch and feel. Local woodlands, parks, ponds, rivers, lakes, old castles are all packed with interesting things to do, touch and see and offer a great way to teach your child about nature, history and the world around them. You will find lots of possibilities for local walks on the outdoor play pages.


If you or your partner enjoy a spot of fishing now and again, why not take your little one along too? They will be interested to learn how the rod works and will be excited to see the fish. You could take lots of games and books along or simply enjoy the serenity with imaginative stories and quiet games of eye spy.

Free play-schemes

Take advantage of any local free play-schemes or mum and toddler groups you can go along to. Most older kids are more than welcome to attend to and it's a great way to meet other families in your area. You can find out more about these on your local what's on pages 

Grocery shopping 

Something as regular as doing the weekly shop can inspire interest in kids. Ask any older children to help you write a list whilst younger tots can be in charge of the money (you could make paper money to add to the enjoyment). Once you have everything you need, let them choose a small treat each for helping you out.   

Insect watching

Give your child a bug box and see how many creepy crawlies they can find in the garden. Once they have a box full ask them to count them and describe which ones they like best and why. Once they've finished studying them they can find a good place to set them free.

Visit the pet shop

Pet shops are lovely places for children to learn about animals, they way they smell, sound and move so if you find yourself free of an afternoon why not pop along for a visit? Parrots are a great source of entertainment and the colourful fish will entrance children of all ages.

Bird watching

Grab some pens, a pad and some binoculars and head outside for a bird watching afternoon. Your child could draw any birds they see and make


Creative things to do with the children during the holidays



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