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Corona Virus News

Watch this space for 4th July!

BBC Front Page News

Coronavirus: Pubs, restaurants and hairdressers reopen in England

Some hair salons opened at midnight as pubs can see customers for the first time since March.

Coronavirus: UK government's quarantine-free list 'absurd'

Portuguese leaders say the country's exclusion from a list drawn up by the UK government is "absurd".

Mount Rushmore: Trump denounces 'cancel culture' at 4 July event

President Trump rails against anti-racism protesters who toppled statues in a speech marking 4 July.

White City: Police officers hurt breaking up illegal music event

Bricks and other missiles were thrown as officers tried to disperse the gathering in west London.

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BBC news for West Midlands

Speeding West Midlands firefighter jailed for dodging fines

Jason Bennett, a West Midlands firefighter, gave false names to avoid paying speeding fines.

How to Build a Girl: Beanie Feldstein's Wolverhampton accent lessons

Actress Beanie Feldstein came to Wolverhampton to prepare for a role in the film How To Build A Girl.

West Midlands Police custody nurse Jack Newey-Bradley made indecent images

Jack Newey-Bradley, 29, was based at Perry Barr custody block but employed by Mountain Healthcare.

Father and son 'left in limbo' by failed terror case

All Britons accused of terror offences linked to a Kurdish militia in Syria have been cleared.