We should never judge by appearance.

BBC news for West Midlands

Oldbury fatal shooting sparks murder inquiry

A man dies in hospital after being found with serious gunshot wounds in the early hours.

Hunt for man after four injured in Stourbridge pub attack

A man flees after a car is driven into a pub and a man is hit in the leg by shots from a BB gun.

E-scooter rider, 20, dies six days after Wolverhampton crash

Shakur Amoy Pinnock, who was in a coma after suffering multiple injuries, died on Friday afternoon.

Growing up fatherless 'painful' for Wolverhampton youth worker

Wolverhampton youth worker Duane Carridis says he grew up with a sense of "anger".

Covid Updates for West Midlands

Click the the latest news on Covid within Birmingham https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-51768274

BBC Front Page News

Andy Burnham's anger at Manchester-Scotland travel ban

Andy Burnham says he will ask the Scottish government for compensation for affected individuals.

Covid: Brazil hits 500,000 deaths amid 'critical' situation

Experts warn the outbreak could worsen amid a slow vaccination programme and the start of winter.

Mayfair 'guardian angel' who saved man's life after stroke found

Mathew O'Toole's plea to find the woman who saved him was seen by one of her friends on Saturday.

Tokyo Olympics: Inside the athletes' village

Rupert Wingfield-Hayes takes a look at how the athletes' village hopes to mitigate the risk of Covid.

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